Nanjing City of Literature celebrates World Book Day with ‘Read the stories of Nanjing’

On 23rd April, the World Book Day, Nanjing City of Literature launched ‘Read the stories of Nanjing’, a ceremony that showcases the achievements of Nanjing Translation Fund Project to date.

As the ‘Capital of Six Dynasties’, Nanjing has been blessed with long preserved literary traditions and heritages. After been designated a City of Literature in 2019, we feel obliged to facilitate international communication and cooperation within the network, hence the introduction of the Nanjing Translation Fund Project, which has been adopted by the city’s development strategy.

Each year since 2018, 2–4 books writing about Nanjing or written by writers from Nanjing are selected by the panel of the Fund, with whose support the books will then be translated and published abroad. Heretofore, 16 books have been translated, among which 12 have been successfully published.

After running this project for 4 years, we recognize literary translation the essential driver of intercultural communication. We hope through the Translation Fund, we could provide readers across the globe with access to quality literary translations that showcase the rich wealth of the culture and literature of Nanjing, and China.