Window to World Literature

2013 saw the launch of the first “Window to China Books” project in Nigeria. Since then, the program has shifted approach and now runs under the title, “Window to World Literature”. This change of name represents the cooperation initiative’s expansion over the past five years to several more countries, including...

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The Beauty of Books Award

The “Beauty of Books in China” Award goes to books which represent the highest achievements of designers to wield advanced fabrication processes to fine artistic effect. Leading domestic and foreign book designers are invited to judge among candidates to have a final list of twenty of the country’s publications that year to be awarded the title of “Most Beautiful Books of China”. These winners then go on to represent China in the "Best Book Design from all over the World" competition in Leipzig, Germany.

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Special Needs Support

Nanjing puts great importance on equal access to reading and has set up cultural facilities to benefit special groups, including an "Accessible Library" and "Accessible Image Database".