One Book, One Month

There are more than 200 nongovernmental reading organizations in Nanjing that specialise in parent-child education, adolescent education, university student development, foreign language learning and senior literacy among other important sectors. Some of the many activities that they have organised or participated in are the “2016 One Classic, One Month”, “Co-reading Nanjing 2017”, “World Masterpieces and Films 2017” and “Chinese Classics Reading 2017”.

The Nanjing Yuedi Reading Party, founded in February 2014, uses the online platforms WeChat and Douban to interact with its members in the hope of maintaining and supporting their reading habits in the time between the live lectures, discussions, salons and cultural tourist activities that it also arranges.

Yuedi Reading Party “Aesthetics Series – Beauty of Design” Activity

Yuedi Reading Party “Aesthetics Series – Beauty of Painting and Calligraphy” Activity

Bancheng Reading Party provides a space for women bookworms to share in their hobby.

Nanjing’s reading promotion organisation, the “Readership Union”, holds its activity the Don’t Forget Life Exchange Meeting.

2016 List of Activities held by the Nanjing Readership Union for the Reading Party