About Nanjing Literature Center

The Nanjing “City of Literature” Promotion Center, “Nanjing Literature Center” for short, was founded in 2016 as a social organization led by the Publicity Department of Nanjing Municipal Committee. Its purpose is to provide a professional body for carrying out and promoting Nanjing’s bid to become a “City of Literature” within the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. Its main objectives are:

1. Invigorate the academic and creative exchange between Nanjing and other cities, especially the recognised UNESCO Cities of Literature within the Creative Cities Network.

2. Actively participate in and undertake international literature forums, academic research, art festivals and book fairs as well as export more local literature products internationally, be that in the form of literary products, artistic performance, printing and publishing services or media transmission and industry cooperation.

3. Promote the image of Nanjing, encourage new Nanjing literature and facilitate exchange and collaboration in multiple disciplines related to literature and culture.

Address: No. 19 National Leading Talents Park, 66 Lingjiaoshi, Nanjing 210004

Tel: 025-58062403


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